The Year of the Chimera – 2014’s Best Albums

2014 was an interesting year for music. Established names pulled out career defining albums, while new artists stomped over the rickety remnants of genre boundaries to produce brilliant debut hybrids. There was more than something for every type of listener. For me, ‘Lost in the Dream’ by The War on Drugs stood above the others. Every time I listen to it I think of The Boss’ third album ‘Born to Run,’ albeit with an aesthetic of smoke and mirrors and hazy psychedelica. ‘Lost in the Dream’ was also Adam Granduciel’s third album, a labour of love in which he worked through panic attacks and anxiety to produce what I reckon is an enduring masterpiece.

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The New Pornographers


Listening to a New Pornographers’ album is like being driven at high speed in a VW Beetle, safe in the knowledge that you’re never going to cross the centre line, veer wildly off -course or, simply, run out of gas. There’s a blissfully warm feeling of security as, great song after great song, you realise there’ll be no blips or excruciating pitch issues. You know that the drummer can really drum, the singers can certainly sing and the song-writers have done a damn fine job. This Canadian indie rock super-group knows exactly what it’s doing and how it’s doing it.

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