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Photo by Anton Hooijdonk on Pexels.com

I’ve always been a music nut. I can’t sing and I’m a spectacularly bad dancer but I can listen, and that’s what I’ve been doing from the moment my mother’s favourite Elgar cello concerto reached my little bud ears through the warm waves of amniotic fluid. One of my earliest memories is of mum and dad sobbing uncontrollably to Marilyn Horne’s Liber Scriptus, her remarkable voice bursting forth from our ancient stereo and making time stand still. Although I was born in the minor key, having an inherited affinity for the sad and the spare, I can’t go past a great guitar riff and knock-me-down drum solo.

At age 13 I lifted Arrival off my record player and, ignoring ABBA glaring at me from inside their helicopter bubble, put it up on the shelf alongside Grease and the Bee Gees. It was time to hear something new. I put the record I’d bought that day over the spindle and moved the stylus into place. Pink Floyd’s The Wall filled my little bedroom and from that intoxicating moment I’ve never looked back.

I’m hoping you’re here because you’re a music nut too. And that you want to hear something new. If so start by checking out the genres over on the right (or scroll down if you’re on your phone). The aim of this blog is to bring you new bands and solo musicians who are as good as our old faves. To make you feel like you used to feel about music. And that is, without question, a wondrous thing.

A little postscript – The tracks and videos posted on this blog belong to the copyright owner and are for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear, please purchase from your usual music shop. Thanks a bunch.

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