Music to get you out the door

It’s the middle of winter, with perfect storm conditions brewing outside. You’ve settled yourself on the couch in your comfy, ‘at-home’ clothes (more commonly known as pyjamas) when you remember you’re meant to be downtown meeting friends at a bar. A no-show is out of the question and you’ve used the flu-card too many times lately. Now would be the time to put some music on that actually makes you feel like getting out there. I’ve used this technique many times and, apart from a spot of concentrated pre-loading, it’s the next best thing to ensure you fling off your slippers and head on out.

But what to listen to?

Tame Impala

If you feel prickles of nostalgia when listening to Tame Impala, you’re in good company. Many reviewers have commented on the similarity of the voice of lead vocalist, Kevin Parker, to that of John Lennon. There are also shades of The Kinks, The Who and Pink Floyd in Tame Impala’s debut album ‘Innerspeaker,’ (released by Modular on 21 May 2010). However, the members of this band have an average age of 24 and they’ve put their own Australian-born spin on psychedelic Brit pop. The tracks are purposeful and each surges into the next, taking you along with it. The entire album has an exuberant, swirling sound and it’s this upbeat feel that sets ‘Innerspeaker’ apart from more ‘traditional psychedelic’ (that phrase could be considered an oxymoron) music from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s still dreamy and hazy but it doesn’t compel me to navel-gaze or consider my insignificant presence in the universe. Even so, it’s best to listen to at full volume when you’re home alone. ‘Innerspeaker’ won Album of the Year in the 2011 Rolling Stone Awards and Australian Album of the Year in 2010 in the J Awards. I’m waiting in anticipation for Tame Impala’s second album, due out in July this year.

Cover of "Innerspeaker"
Cover of Innerspeaker

My favourite tracks on ‘Innerspeaker’:

‘Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind’

‘Desire Be, Desire Go’